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Promoting Success on Both Sides of the Border: Binational Approaches to US Immigrant Integration

Posted by migrationpolicy on January 28th, 2010

A discussion and report release with Ambassador Carlos García de Alba, Executive Director, Institute for Mexicans Abroad; and MPI's Laureen Laglagaron, Kathleen Newland, Aaron Terrazas, and Michael Fix.

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    Immigrant integration remains largely an afterthought in US immigration policy discussions and the country’s integration policies remain chronically ad hoc, underfunded, and skeletal. Yet the degree to which immigrants and their families are able to successfully integrate and achieve upward socioeconomic mobility in the United States is the ultimate test of whether immigration succeeds — both for individual migrants as well as the country as a whole. In the absence of coherent immigrant integration policies at the federal level, the responsibility historically has fallen to families, employers, churches, non-governmental organizations, and an increasingly restive set of state and local governments. But new partners are emerging that share many of the same objectives. Increasingly, countries of origin and destination have shared interests in ensuring that immigrants and their children succeed in building their human capital and achieving socioeconomic mobility.

    Nov 5, 2011 at 6:55 am