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Six Steps to Fix the US Immigration System: What Can the Administration Do?

Posted by migrationpolicy on March 14th, 2011

AdministrativeFixesImmigration.jpgAt this event, MPI releases a new report, Executive Action on Immigration: Six Ways to Make the System Work Better, that outlines recommendations for executive actions that the administration can implement to improve the immigration system. Here to discuss their report are the authors: Donald Kerwin, MPI Vice President for Programs; Doris Meissner, Director, US Immigration Policy Program at MPI; and Margie McHugh, Co-Director of MPI's National Center on Immigrant Integration Policy. Joining the discussion are: Eva Millona, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Coalition, and Juan P. Osuna, Acting Director of the Executive Office for Immigration Review at the US Department of Justice.


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    Reform with amnesty doesn’t work, it was tried in 1986 and just caused this problem. (with 5 more amnesties in the 90’s to clear the Federal courts of cases pending by releatives that may or may not of been here) Rewarding illegal behavior and punishing honest people waiting in line in other countries is just plain wrong and un-American. Give a 90 day window of amnesty for those here illegally to return home without the 10 year penalty. Let them apply for honest citizenship if they want to live here, visas if they just want to work. Make E-verify mandatory with a fine, then 3 days license pulled, then remove business licence for 6 months. Enforce current immigration laws (like we were promised in 1986, 1996). 11-30 million people is 11-30 years of legal immigration, we cannot absorb that many people all at once on our economy, government services. The only fair solution for all concerned is to enforce the law, and get business off the welfare wagon of taxpayer subsidized cheap labor.

    Aug 16, 2011 at 4:49 am