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Getting It Right the First Time: Setting Up a System that will Stand the Test of Time

Posted in Immigrant Integration, Language Access by Migration Policy Institute on May 29th, 2009

This webinar provides listeners with an overview of two successful Limited English Proficiency (LEP) programs in New York City, NY and Hennepin County, MN. Speakers discuss their work with LEP persons, review tips for long-term program sustainability, and identify key components of the programs' successes, both large and small scale, in creating and maintaining a LEP program.

With Laureen Laglagaron, MPI; Kleber Palma, Director, Translation and Interpretation Unit, New York City Department of Education; and Vinodh Kutty, Project Coordinator and Limited English Proficiency Manager, Hennepin County Office of Multi-Cultural Services

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US Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Gives Keynote at May 2009 E Pluribus Unum Prizes Awards Ceremony

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This new national awards program annually recognizes four exceptional initiatives that promote immigrant integration. Listen to remarks by Secretary Hilda Solis.


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