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A Bleak Winter: Providing Needed Aid to Those Fleeing Conflict in Syria

Posted by Migration Policy Institute on January 14th, 2013

EventPict_DiasporaHandbook1_small.jpgThis joint Migration Policy Institute and International Rescue Committee (IRC) event offers insights from an IRC delegation that visited Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq in November 2012 to discuss the Syrian humanitarian crisis. The briefing offers a firsthand look at the work of IRC partners and staff who are directly involved in providing assistance to refugees and to Syrians trapped inside the country. Presenting findings of an IRC report on the topic: George Rupp, President and Chief Executive Officer, IRC; Mort Abramowitz, a Senior Fellow at the Century Foundation, former US Ambassador to Turkey, and IRC Overseer; and Fadi Al Khankan, Chair of the Humanitarian Aid Committee, Syrian Expatriates Organization. The briefing is moderated by Kathleen Newland, Director of the Migration Policy Institute’s programs on Refugee Policy and Migrants, Migration, and Development. Ms. Newland is also an IRC Overseer.

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