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Bali Forum on Skill and Mobility in ASEAN – Plenary Session II: Panel on Trends in the Mobility of the Highly Skilled

Posted by Migration Policy Institute on October 9th, 2015

This session of the Bali Forum, organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), features a panel discussion on the preliminary findings from two original studies: (i) MPI research systematically examining cross-border talent flows within ASEAN and (ii) ADB’s forward-looking, quantitative analysis examining the future supply and demand of workers in the eight target occupations in ASEAN. The discussion starts with a focus on major labor mobility patterns in the region, and how they have evolved over time. The panelists are Guntur Sugiyarto, Senior Economist at ADB, and Jeanne Batalova, Senior Policy Analyst at MPI, with Chairperson L. Alan Winters, Professor of Economics, University of Sussex, and former Chief Economist, Department for International Development (DFID). 

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