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Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan: How Could Europe Respond to Growing Displacement?

Posted by Migration Policy Institute on August 24th, 2021

With Taliban militants now in control of most all of Afghanistan, thousands of civilians facing an uncertain future and possible violence have begun to flee their homes and seek refuge both internally and abroad, adding to a huge swell of previously displaced Afghans.

In light of the dangers facing millions of Afghans, MPI Europe hosted an important conversation exploring Europe’s possible responses to the situation in Afghanistan and in neighboring countries. Speakers including MPI Europe's Hanne Beirens and Camille Le Coz were joined by UNHCR's Aurvasi Patel and Samuel Hall's Nassim Majidi for a discussion on what European countries should prioritize to address the immediate needs of displaced populations; how can Europe start planning for longer-term assistance to countries in the region who are hosting the vast majority of Afghan refugees; the implications for partnerships with governments in the region; and what safe pathways have other countries opened in recent days to evacuate Afghans who have directly worked with European forces and other individuals at risk.

Experts on this webinar also examined how European governments could best prepare to respond to a possible increase in the number of asylum seekers reaching Europe’s borders in the next few months. They also discussed what lessons the migration crisis of 2015-16 can offer for European policymakers so they avoid repeating the same mistakes.

A related commentary is available here:  https://bit.ly/3yaHAAJ

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