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Rethinking National Identity in the Age of Migration

Posted by Migration Policy Institute on October 24th, 2012

Migration Policy Institute Event with Patrick Simon (left) and Cas Mudde (right)

In this Migration Policy Institute event on October 24, speakers discuss the anti-immigrant political movement in Europe (particularly France and the Netherlands) and the United States, the players who contribute to this environment, an analysis on the current situation in these countries, and the implications for community cohesion and national identity. Speakers: Patrick Simon, Director of Research, Institut national d’études démographiques, and Researcher at the Center for European Studies at Sciences Po, Paris; Cas Mudde, Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the University of Georgia; National Council of La Raza Executive Vice President Charles Kamasaki; and America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry. Moderated by MPI President Demetrios G. Papademetriou.

View Cas Mudde's PowerPoint Presentation |  View Patrick Simon's PowerPoint Presentation

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